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Nanette P.

We had a great time exploring the Gulf State Park trails.  Explained everything perfectly and was a joy to meet.  They are located right on one of the trails, so no riding 6 blocks in traffic to get to the park. They also give you 5 hrs instead of 4.  The bikes are newer and after 5 hrs, we still had all our bars left on the battery, so no worries there.

Craig Sydney

We had a GREAT time on the Ebikes, will likely do it again next time we are in the area.    Ray did a great job in explaining how the bikes worked, then off we went.  Be sure you download the Park App so you know where you are at all times.  We went on the outer loop in 3 hours.  It would have been fun to use the remaining 2 hours but it was hot out.  Next time, I will start earlier.   The trains are well marked.  Just a great day, my wife and I really enjoyed it and we are 70 yo.  So you can do it too!   Thank you Ebike for a wonderful time!!

Jim Mckay

We had a great morning riding the e-bikes in the park today. We rode a total of 21 miles with lots of stops. Ray was waiting for us when we arrived and was there for us when we arranged to meet at the end.

We are 65 years old and we were riding e-bikes for the first time. Smooth trails, great bikes made for an enjoyable experience. Thanks Ray!

Becky Butler Bergmann

Ray was the best and the bikes were clean new and awesome! He went above and beyond for a bunch of old women who we rookies! I would add a picture but we were not styling that day!

Terry Fitzgerald

We had a blast all day on the e-bikes and even pulled our precious pup along behind! EVERYTHING was completely positive.

Easy to reserve online and when I called with a question, Ray answered immediately. Good webpage.

On time delivery and pick up.

GREAT rates and everything we needed was included.

Had no problems w bikes and liked the ride.

Ray even had eclipse glasses to share! What an awesome way to view that remarkable event.

Will DEFINITELY rent from Ebike the park again.

Bill Schuster

We made a last minute decision to rent two e-bikes and after checking many rental companies we decided to use EBIKE the Park. We were so glad we made the choice we did!!! The instructions we received via email were clear and Ray was early. We received thorough instructions from Ray as this was our first time on e-bikes. Ray gave us a map of the park and highlighted points of interest and explained that he would be waiting for us upon our return. we rode over 20+ miles and when we returned 5 hours later, Ray was there waiting for us. The bikes were in perfect working condition and they were perfectly maintained. The price was exceptional for the quality of the bikes AND you get an extra hour more than all other rental companies in the area. Thank you EBIKE the Park for a wonderful day on the trails!!!!

Sandy Waddle

Excellent e bikes and the price to rent was even better! Ray, brought the bike to our camp site unloaded and quick lesson and the girls were ready to. Thank you! EBIKE THE PARK!

Beth Sipes

Great time, and so much fun.  Could have never made it around to see the entire park without an ebike.  So easy to use too!

Matt C

Great experience.  Reserved the bikes, they were delivered near us.  Got a quick run down on the bikes. We rode them around the trails in Gulf Shores State Park and it was awesome.  They have plenty of power and plenty of battery.

When we were done drop off was a breeze.

Great Experience.

Chuck M

Ray was great. He explained how the bikes work, where to ride and what we may see. The drop off and pickup was accurate and timely. I would definitely recommend renting from E-bike the park!!

Kelli Knox

Great service, great bikes!

Kristi Sciacchetano

We had the BEST time riding E Bikes for 3 hours through Alabama’s Gulf State Park!

E-bike the Park was great!! He met us at the park with our bikes, gave us a short lesson and sent us on our way. We called when we were done and he was there quickly to pick up the bikes.

This was our first time riding an e bike and we are hooked!!!

We saw two eagles nests, baby alligators and a momma alligator as well as beautiful scenery! We highly recommend this company and their bikes!!!

Perry Abitz

Great service as they delivered and picked up the bikes at our campsite for no extra charge! Friendly people to deal with. The bikes were in great condition and fun to ride. We rode the park trails all day and the batteries never went below full charge, wow! I will definitely rent from them when we come back next

Julie Maciosek

Rent from Ray!! He is a genuine nice guy and very knowledgeable about the trails!!  We had our own bikes this time but forgot our helmets.  We asked him if we could rent some from him and he gave us a map and 2 helmets to use and when we offered to pay him he would not take a cent. We would definitely use ebike the park next time we don't have our own bikes with us!!

Elizabeth Lowery

This is a must if you are visiting or live in the area. The bikes are in perfect condition and easy to use. No need to worry about battery going low. Stayed full the entire time which was 4 hours. Staff is friendly and helpful.

Gail Sperling

We had a great experience with Ebike The Park. The bikes were great for getting around and seeing more of the park than we would have seen on foot or with regular bikes. The bikes were easy to use and it was nice to be able to get them right at the Rosemary Dunes Trail.

Carol Mosley

The bikes were great. The whole rental experience was great. Highly recommend.

Lisa Palmer

Ray did an awesome job getting us set up and going, and he gave some good ideas of spots to stop and check out on the trail! Great equipment! Would highly recommend!

Robert Lang

My 14 year old daughter and I had never been to the state park or rented e bikes. This was an easy process and this company was friendly, professional, and supportive. We got a good tutorial on the bikes, the park, given a map and off we went. Had a great time exploring and the e bikes were fun and easy to use. This area is so bike friendly we'll be back to explore further. I would recommend this company and the overall experience highly.

Sam Carlson

Best experience.  If you're looking for a place to rent from, this is it.  The convenience factor alone was worth it.  We did the "normal" drop off at the Rosemary Trailhead and I would highly recommend.   He goes over the bike and gives you a map of the park and explains where to see different things and how long roughly it takes.  By far the best price and the 5 vs 4 hours other places give is a big difference.  We were able to have lunch and still more than enough time to do the entire park.  The bikes have more than enough battery too!  We were using assist for about half and then just used the throttle for the other half just to have fun and we didn't even use 1/4 of the battery.  Out of the 6 dot charge meter we only used 1 in our time, so don't be afraid to not pedal and just use the throttle if you need/want to.  Excellent experience!!!

Mary Ametani

Highly recommend. Great experience overall and fun thing to do in Gulf Shores. Ray was very nice and explained the operation of the bikes. Quality equipment and service.

Michael Schwobe

First time on an E bike. Great experience thanks

DeAnn Sitter

Highly recommend E-bike the Park, for renting an e-bike to use on the numerous trails in Gulf Shores State Park.  The bikes are newer, and well equipped with coolers, and comfy seats.  We had limited experience with e-bikes, and Ray took the time to show us how they worked, adjusted the seats, gave us a map with his favorite trails marked, and we were off!  We spent several hours on the trails, with no issues.  Very enjoyable day with quality e-bikes!

J. Robison

Lots of fun, great E-bikes, and everything worked flawless. They are a top notch company, they took the time to explain everything in great detail.

The trails are amazing.

Brenda Weber

They were excellent! We were a little nervous as we haven't even rode a bike for a long time..very thorough and we had a great time minus the rain! This is the place to rent!!!


We rented two bikes while our daughter was visiting and had a fantastic time riding the trails. They delivered right to our campsite at Gulf State Park. We did 25 miles over the 5 hours we had them. The bikes were like new, and worked great. The e-bikes make it so you can explore the entire park without getting too tired. I had a small mishap with one and broke a headlamp and the replacement cost was very reasonable. Some places might take advantage but they did not. Very thankful for that. I highly recommend this company and we plan to rent from them again when we have guests that need a bike.

Janice and Don

Just wanted to say thanks for the amazing service you provide. I stopped cycling 2 years ago due to health issues and it was a joy to be back on a bike. Loved the easy pickup and drop-off at the park and very affordable.

Thanks again

Linda Wickliffe

You can’t go wrong renting from this business. Renee and Ron were so helpful explaining the bikes to us as this was our first time. Thanks guys for making our day extra special.

Julie Watson

I can't say enough good things about this company! They were very helpful and gave us a great introduction to the bikes and offered excellent suggestions for our ride. They were very pleasant and friendly. I would recommend them for your next biking adventure!!

Laurie Landeen

Wow, what a gorgeous place to ride an e-bike. We absolutely had the best e-bikes available and both Renee and Ray were amazing. You can’t go wrong with renting from this outfit.

A wonderful time was had by all!

Denise Barrows

We had a great time biking 15 miles in Gulf State Park. Lots of trails and a beautiful place. Everything went smoothly from drop off to pick up. Will definitely do this again!

John Oliver

We rented 2 e-bikes, very fun enjoyable day we were able to explore the whole park and then some, very easy process to rent the bikes online and then meet up at the park entrance!

Thank you for your kindness!!  We would highly recommend this company!!

P.S watch out on the boardwalks with the bike handles.

Olivia Breeland

Convenient! Super friendly, helpful, and informative about how to use the bikes and where to go for the coolest sights. Looking forward to renting and riding again!!

Amy and Ross Terpstra

Renee and her husband helped provide our family with a great time on our bikes! They really bent over backward to accommodate us, and that includes a reschedule of our reservations due to a rainy forecast. Check in was smooth and explanations were clear. They really wanted us to enjoy our experience! Check them out if you want some nice e-bikes to ride while enjoying the beauty of Gulf State Park and Orange Beach.

Gayle Adams

Best bike riding experience ever!  Renee and her husband were accommodating and offered suggestions about where to ride. The bike was top of the line and the battery lasted all day!!

Sunny Hicks

Richard Parker

Excellent experience from start to finish.  Highly recommend them for e- bike rental.

Terri Magnani

We had a great time.  The bikes were delivered to us when they said they would and we finished a little early and they came to pick them up when we called. We used the bikes on the park trails and saw a lot of wildlife including the alligator.  Best value with personal service and highly recommend them.

Dan Roth

Book this now! It was the best time! Great family run business and super easy to book. E-bike The Park rocks!

Karen Koth

The staff were great!! They brought the bikes to designated area. Gave us a safety briefing and we were on our way. I would highly recommend them!

R Gilday

Great time had by all. Equipment was excellent and the owners were too.

Ruben Martinez

Renee and Ray were awesome,! Such a pleasant experience . Explained Everything you need to know how to operate these bikes and all the info about the trail,! Delivered 4 bikes to the campground and picked them up when we were done. Such a great service. We will definitely be calling them again!!

ML Hoffmann

My husband and I e-biked Gulf State Park on Oct 4 2023 to celebrate our anniversary. It was our first time on e-bikes, and Renee and Ray provided the info and guidance we needed to take off on our adventure. The bikes have a small cooler on the back to put water bottles and snacks, and we got the phone holder which was nice because you can have the map right in front of your eyes vs pulling out your phone. There are so many available trails that it's good to have that resource. E-bikes are fun and way easier to travel the 28-miles when you are not a 'biker' but rather use a bike to ride around your neighborhood or city. But ... they take some getting used to. My counsel is to take a few minutes riding around the parking area before taking off on the trail if this is your first time, just to get a sense of the speed, using the thrust, getting on/off the bike because it is heavier than a regular bike. But don't let this keep you from renting. It doesn't take long at all to get the hang of it, and it is so much fun. And wear the helmet they provide; it's sturdy and so comfortable you don't even realize you have it on but if you need it, it's excellent protection. You'll see beautiful Oak trees, "Lefty" the alligator, sparkling lakes, and we even got to see a bald eagle in its nest. Ray told us about a dirt path that leads to a quiet lake where you can swing and watch the dragonflies and fish jumping in the air. We stopped at Woodside Restaurant for a sandwich which was a nice break. You ride through many different ecosystems ... Gulf State Park is amazing, such a beautiful nature experience for locals and, like us, visitors. Ray and Renee were there when we arrived and there when we got back so they are very punctual which is nice for the customer. All in all, a great experience.

Christine Radous

EBIKE THE PARK was a wonderful experience! The instructions were thorough. The instructors were knowledgeable and patient, the bikes were fun! Thank you for a great day!

Melissa Burke

LOVED this experience. Rented same-day with no issues. The drop off point was conveniently located across from our condo, so we were able to walk. Sure beats driving down to the other companies which were also more expensive! Renee and Ray were very friendly when dropping off our bikes. Saw almost the whole state park and had so much fun. We ended early and were able to leave the bikes locked up for pick up, didn’t have to wait around. Highly recommend doing this activity when you need a break from the beach or it’s a little cloudy. E-bike the Park will be getting our business again next visit for sure!

Crystal Burns

The staff was very friendly, arrived early with the drop off of our bikes, and provided us with some water for the trip. We chose to ride these in the state park during our vacation and were so happy we did. We wouldn't have been able to see everything it had to offer without these bikes. It was a last minute decision and the staff accommodated us on short notice.

Tina Muir

First time on a bike in 40 years! Had an amazing time on the ebike! Be careful on the boardwalks as they don't seem as wide as most of the trails! Traveled 19 miles in about 3 1/2 hours.

Jeff and Debbie Labelle

What a wonderful company and service! We had never E-Biked before but this was the highlight of the week in Orange Beach! Ray and team were absolutely all about customer service. He was prompt dropping off all 4 of our bikes, showed us all about how to drive them, and was super friendly to boot! Highly recommended company. We really liked our ride through the park trails. Watch the campgrounds area as you can get tripped up due to sometimes lack of signage, but we found our way.

Highly recommend ebikes to check out the Gulf State Park! First time electric bike riders and Ray made us feel super comfortable with tricks to use them. Just another great story to tell about our trip to Orange Beach.

Kayla McCurdy

We had such a blast riding the E-bikes from these amazing people, they deliver to locations near you & actually take the time to show you how to use the bikes & give you a map. Even gave us a water for this hot day!! We 10/10 recommend these people!!

Rachel Pfeiffer

What a great experience! Was my first time on e-bikes and they were a blast! The owners are so nice and friendly and easy to work with. The bikes are comfortable and felt very stable and smooth riding. Definitely reasonably priced! The Gulf state park is such a beautiful park and this is such a good way to be able to see and experience it! A must-do!! I will be going back here when I want to zip around town, ride thru the park, or go to the beach! So much better than dealing with traffic too!

William Eisinger

Great fun bikes! We will use them every time we go to this park. Love the service.

Kurt Pfeiffer

Had a great time riding through Gulf State Park with these bikes. I am experienced biker, but had never ridden an e-bike before. Took about 2 minutes to get used to it and then we were off. Road all over the park. Easy to handle, very comfortable to ride even for a long time. Ebike The Park is great to work with and very affordable. Highly recommended!

Laraine Briddle

Lowest price and more ride time is why we chose these guys. No issues at all. Just fun!

Sammye Sevy

You’ve got to do this! You don’t break a sweat riding an e-bike down winding paths through trees to lakes, marshes, and panoramic viewpoints; and it’s so much fun! Our bikes were waiting for us when we arrived, Ray showed us how it works (simple) and made some minor adjustments for my height. A short test ride and off we went. I recommend getting the insulated cooler for drinks, water, and a snack. The bikes were new, worked great and the price was unbeatable. You can tell the staff wanted us to have a great time, and we did.

Tom Olson

From our high condo we could see people riding bikes in the park across the street. Picked this company because of their free delivery to the trail so we didn’t need to ride in traffic or cross busy streets. Worked out great, exceptional service and price. Thanks to the team!

Mary Cunningham

What a blast! We rented bikes from this company, and it couldn’t have been better! Easy to reserve, they delivered to a trailhead with a parking lot and restroom, the bikes were ready for us when we arrived, Ray explained how they worked, gave us a trail map and the bikes were comfortable and FUN! Saw alligators, an eagle, rode under old oaks with moss and had lunch at a cool restaurant in the park. A highlight!

Sue Barbarash

Three of our family members rented ebikes for the first time and really enjoyed it. These folks understand how to provide a great customer experience! On time delivery & pick-up, simple operating instructions, and really nice bikes. We are considering buying the same bikes when we return home.